7 October 2017, 10.30am ceremony

Wilson Hall

Important times on the day


What happens?


8am –

Graduand registration

You must register on level 2 of Union House prior to entering the venue for your ceremony. Arrival times are split dependent on the spelling of your family name:

  • A-L: 8am–9am
  • M-Z: 9am–9.45am

8am –

Regalia collection

Collect your regalia on level 2 of Union House. Photographers and merchandise stalls will be open during this period. Arrival times are split dependent on the spelling of your family name:

  • A-L: 8am–9am
  • M-Z: 9am–9.45am


Wilson Hall is opened to graduands and guests

All graduands and guests enter via the north entrance. As noted on the signs outside the building, graduands and guests enter via separate doors. Graduands and guests need to have a printed copy of their seat tickets ready to be scanned at the door.

10.00amFinal time for graduands to be seatedPlease aim to be early: it is essential that you are in your allocated seat by this time (10:00am) or you will be excluded from the ceremony.
10.15amPhotographers and merchandise stalls closeThese services will close for the duration of the ceremony. They will reopen after the ceremony.


All guests must be seated



Ceremony commences

The ceremony will run for approximately 1.5 hours.

Approx 12.00pm

Ceremony concludes - refreshments served at UoM, South Lawn

All new graduates and their guests are invited to enjoy a celebratory toast on the South Lawn marquee, on the Univeristy of Melbourne Campus prior to your own lunch celebrations. (Duration 1 hour).

By 2.00pm

All hired regalia to be returned

Hired regalia should be returned to the location from which it was collected (Level 2, Union House).
We recommend you return your regalia before heading to the marquee on the South Lawn for the toast.

How to graduate videos

Watch these informational videos to learn more about graduating, regalia, how to prepare and what to do on stage during the graduation ceremony.

Before the day

There are a few things you must do before the day:

  1. Book your graduand ticket, your guest tickets and regalia
  2. Make sure you have given your guests their tickets prior to the day
  3. Register on the day according to the timetable above

It's easy to use the graduation ceremony booking service to:

  • Book your regalia
  • Secure tickets for your guests (which they will need to print and present to gain entry to the ceremony)
  • Obtain your own graduand seat ticket (which you will also need to print and present on the day).

Carefully note when and where you need to arrive to prepare for your ceremony. We recommend that you plan your route to the venue and allow extra time in case there are delays.


In accord with University regulations, you need to wear the correct academic dress (regalia) to your ceremony. Your regalia will include your gown and hood - and a trencher if you are a Master degree graduand, or a bonnet if you are graduating with a PhD.

You need to hire your regalia for the ceremony using the graduation ceremony booking service. The ceremony fee ($215) entitles you to:

  • Two guest tickets
  • Official conferral program
  • Hire of a full set of high-quality regalia

In order to provide you with the best possible service, and to avoid late fees, please book and pay for your regalia at least 7 days before your ceremony. Also, please remember to bring a $50 deposit (cash only) on the day of your ceremony; this will be refunded when you return your regalia. Please note that regalia must be returned within two hours after the conclusion of your ceremony.

What to wear

The University of Melbourne regalia follows the Oxford model, so your clothing will be clearly visible under your gown. As this is a formal occasion, please dress as if you are attending a formal business interview. Please also keep in mind that you will need to go up and down stairs to accept your award.

Our graduation staff will ensure that your regalia is positioned correctly before you walk across the stage.

Graduand registration and regalia collection

Arrival times to register and collect your regalia have been split dependent on the spelling of your family name. You must register and collect your regalia at the time indicated in the Important times on the day section of this guide.

Each graduand must use their graduand seat ticket to register at least 60 minutes prior to their ceremony on the day of their graduation. Registration is located next to the regalia hire service.

Please ensure that you are seated on time

As we need to finalise the list of attendees well before the ceremony begins, it is essential that you are gowned and in your allocated seat in Wilson Hall by the time indicated in the Important times on the day section of this guide.

If you are not seated by this time, you will be unable to graduate at that ceremony.

PhD graduands need to meet in the Old Quad 45 minutes prior to their ceremony, for a mandatory pre-ceremony briefing by the marshals. They will then be placed into procession order, ready to process into the venue.

Post-ceremony refreshments

You and your guests are invited to attend the post-graduation celebration at the South Lawn marquee, University of Melbourne campus, immediately following the graduation ceremony. Light refreshments will be provided so that you may enjoy a celebratory toast prior to your own lunch celebrations with your family and friends.

Tobacco Free

The University of Melbourne is now smoke-free across all of its campuses to promote a healthier environment to students, staff and visitors to our campuses. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the campus grounds. You may wish to let your guests know about the ban. More information.

Guest tickets

Each graduand is guaranteed two complimentary guest tickets. Before the day of the ceremony, you can obtain guest tickets from the graduation ceremony booking service.

Please pass the tickets onto your guests before the day of the ceremony. Each guest will be asked to present a paper copy of their ticket when they enter the venue to be seated.

You will be advised if additional guest tickets are available for your ceremony via email. Please note that not all ceremonies will have the capacity for additional guests, and graduands should not count on having more than their two (2) complimentary guest tickets when considering who to invite to their ceremony.

Restricted mobility access and special needs


All graduands with special needs (eg. restricted mobility, vision or hearing impairments) who may need assistance during the ceremony should contact the Graduations Office via ask.unimelb at least 10 days before the ceremony to discuss their needs. We will ensure that arrangements are in place for you and your guests to enjoy the ceremony.


If you have a guest in a wheelchair, or who uses a walker, frame or cane, or is vision impaired, or has difficulty in crowded spaces, please ask them to enter the venue as soon as the doors open (see the Important times on the day section of this guide). Ushers will seat your guests before the Hall fills with guests.

Parking and drop-off
If you or your guest has restricted mobility, Wilson Hall is easily accessible from Grattan Street (via Gate 10).

During the ceremony

  • You will be ushered from your allocated seat and directed towards the presentation point on the stage;
  • Your name will be called ;
  • Acknowledge ('doff' your hat if you are collecting a Master degree or nod if you are collecting a Bachelor degree) and then walk over to the Chancellor/Deputy Chancellor;
  • Receive your certificate and congratulations from the Chancellor/Deputy Chancellor;
  • Turn and acknowledge ('doff' or nod towards) the Dean of the Faculty;
  • Exit the stage; and
  • At the conclusion of the ceremony you will follow the academic procession out of the venue (ushers will direct you).

Guest Seating

This seating is available both on the ground floor and in the balcony. It is not numbered or reserved; therefore guests who enter the venue as soon as the doors open have a greater choice of seats. Please note that seats at the front-left of Wilson Hall are reserved for graduands.

Conferral program

All graduands and guests will receive a program at the venue. The program includes the order of proceedings and lists the graduands receiving their degree. The final program (which lists the graduands who attended on the day of the ceremony) is published on the Graduations website approximately one month after the ceremony.

Photography during the ceremony

You are welcome to take photos, providing it does not diminish the sense of occasion or disrupt other guests. If you wish to stand to take photographs you may do so on the western side of the venue (which is the right-hand, non-window side).

Official photographers will be taking photographs of each graduand as they receive their testamur, and these will be on sale after the ceremony (see Services available at the venue below).

Please note that professional photographers will not be allowed into the venue.

Babies, toddlers and young children

Graduation ceremonies are formal and lengthy occasions and can be difficult for those with babies, toddlers and young children.

Please supervise your children at all times. If they are unsettled or need to move around you are welcome to take them into the foyer area.

Services available on the day

There are a wide range of graduation services available at Union House, including photography, framing, plaques, rings, bears, merchandise and flowers. They include:

Melbourne Business School Official Merchandise Stand

Pre-order and collect your Melbourne Business School merchandise or buy on the day from the Melbourne Business School Official Merchandise Stand. To view the selection available visit http://www.mbsmerchandise.com/. Pre-orders are strongly encouraged by ordering online.

Photography and Memorabilia

GFP Graduations

  • Studio Photography – GFP will be available before and after each ceremony to provide graduands and their families with professional graduation portraits. Don't miss the opportunity to capture this special occasion. You're invited to pre-book your photography sitting now (to save time and money at the ceremony), or simply visit the GFP studios at Union House on graduation day.
  • Degree Presentation Photography – All graduands will be photographed crossing the stage and receiving their degree from the Chancellor.  See your 'significant' moment at the GFP Stage Photography stand. Photos are available to view and purchase directly after the ceremony. GFP also offer soft copies on USB and digital downloads.
  • Graduation Bears - A range of cute teddy bears and accessories, including mini degree hoods and year pins, are available at the GFP Graduations Bear stand.

Website: grads.gfp.com.au/
Email: info@gfp.com.au
Phone: 1300 360 445


Official plaque and frame suppliers for University of Melbourne, R & J Framing and Plaques

Have your testamur professionally framed on the spot on graduation day by R & J Framing and Plaques. They have a wide range of Australian custom-made frames, including specialised surrounding mat boards in colours to suit all needs. Also offered are a variety of photo frames custom made to compliment photos of your special day as well as graduate plaques.

Website: www.rjframing.com.au
Email: admin@rjframing.com.au
Phone: 03 5596 3503


Official plaque and frame suppliers for University of Melbourne, R & J Framing and Plaques

Have your certificate sublimation printed or laser etched onto the metal of your choice and professionally mounted on a wide variety of backing boards of your preference. Plaques make the ideal office adornment to display your credentials which you justly deserve. Visit the R&J Framing and Plaques website to view the wide variety and visit their stand on graduation day. For maximum convenience, orders are best taken on graduation day. Alternatively orders can be made online.

Website: www.rjframing.com.au
Email: admin@rjframing.com.au
Phone: 03 5596 3503

Flower Services

Reed Graduation Services

Reed Graduation Services provide elegant floral bouquets in an array of sizes, styles and colours to compliment regalia. Special offers apply to bouquets pre purchased online. A range of complimentary accessories such as gift cards and wrappings are also available. Shop online or visit the Flowers Services Display on ceremony days.

Website: unimelb.reedgraduations.com.au
Email: hello@reedgraduations.com.au
Phone: 1300 361 806

Graduation Rings

R & J Framing

A beautiful selection of popular traditional rings, showing university pride and a symbol of your degree. Show your collegiate pride every day and commemorate your achievement with a custom made graduation ring. Expertly hand crafted this jewellery comes in a range of stunning quality and affordable metals, providing a lasting memory for all to see.

Website: www.rjframing.com.au
Email: admin@rjframing.com.au
Phone: 03 5596 3503

Getting there

Public transport

Trams run regularly along both Swanston Street and Royal Parade.

Car parking

As outlined below, there are a number of parking options. Please:

  • Refer to the map for locations
  • Note that if you pay for car parking, refunds are not possible

500m - Free parking - University Square Car ParkFree car parking is available at the University Square Car Park (entrance at 244 Bouverie St & and 206 Berkeley St, just off Grattan St) between 3:00pm and 9:00pm Monday to Friday, and between 9:00am and 6:00pm on Saturday. Take a ticket on entry (which does not need to be displayed or kept). When you exit, press the intercom and advise the operator that you have attended a graduation ceremony and the operator will open the gate.

600m - Free Parking - Eastern Precinct Car ParkFree parking is also available at the Eastern Precinct Car Park (375 Cardigan St, just off Elgin St) from 3.00pm to 9:00pm Monday to Friday, and between 9:00am and 6:00pm on Saturday. There is no need to pay and display a ticket but you will need to display a note on your dashboard stating either 'Graduate' or 'Graduation' to avoid receiving a fine.

500m - Paid Parking - Royal Parade Car Park
Paid parking is available at the Royal Parade Car Park as outlined below.

  • Monday – Friday: $25 for all day parking, or $12 for up to 4 hours, or $8 for entry after 5.00pm.
  • Weekends: $8 for all day parking.

The car park opens at 6:30am and closes at 10.00pm.

Further Information

If you need more information, please visit our comprehensive FAQs. For other enquiries, please contact Program Services.

If you have additional family members that you would like to share your graduation day experience with, we have a live streaming venue for your ceremony. Unfortunately anyone without a ticket for the ceremony will not be able to access the post event function.

  • Saturday 7 October 2017
    • 10.30am–12.00pm
      Malaysian Theatre, Melbourne School of Design Building