Making name changes and updating your contact details

Your name on your graduation certificate

Your name as it appears on your student record is what will appear on your graduation certificate and in the graduation program. If you need to update your name, please use one of the forms below: 

If your names are correct, but need to be rearranged (placed in the correct order) please use the Change of Name Order form.

Change of Name Order.pdf

If you need to make a change to your name (this includes adding, deleting, or changing the spelling of names), please use the Official Name Change form.

Official Name Change.pdf

Changing your name requires certified documentary evidence to support your request. If a name change request is received without documentation, it cannot be processed.

Updating your contact details (email and address)

It's important that your contact details are correct so that you can receive reminders and other information by both mail and email.

If you are graduating in absentia we will post your graduation certificate to you so ensure your address is up to date so it reaches you safely.

You can update your mailing address via my.unimelb.