Graduating Students – Graduands

Students who have completed the requirements of their degree, but have not yet been formally admitted to that degree through a graduation ceremony, are known as graduands.

The information on this page is for graduands who have received a graduation invitation from the University. Graduation invitations are sent by mail and email one to two months before the upcoming graduation period. Students must receive and respond to an invitation before they can graduate.

December 2015 invitations

Invitations for the December 2015 ceremonies will be sent on Wednesday 30 September 2015. Invitations will be sent to your student email account and also via mail to your preferred address. You will have until Friday 23 October 2015 to respond to your invitation, either via my.unimelb (the student portal) or by returning the form mailed to you.

If you receive and respond to your graduation invitation, all future correspondence from the Graduations Office will be via email to your student email account, including instructions on what to do next and booking regalia.

You must receive and respond to an invitation in order to graduate in December 2015.

Changes to your details

If you have any changes to your name or name order, visit your Student Centre or download and submit the forms to make the change by Friday 23 October 2015. If you can make any corrections well before the end of semester two, you may find this more convenient.

Graduation Day Guides

Graduation guides are available on the Graduation Day Guides page.

How to graduate videos

Thumbnail of graduation on the day videoThumbnail of graduation guide PhD graduands video

More information

For more information about graduation, click on the links to FAQs on the main graduations page including information about guest tickets, graduation regalia and more.